Pull Up Your Goddamn Pants: Shorts Edition

The Week That Was

Home again; yes, I'm back from the beach.

We had a wonderful, lazy week. The weather was pretty damn fine. We did lots of beachy things -- here are ten of them.

1. We sat on the beach. The water was frigid, but the sun was warm and the breeze was cool and I fell sound asleep listening to the random rhythm of the waves on the sand.

2. We walked on the beach, in both Ocean City and Assateague National Seashore.

3. We walked on the boardwalk twice! Once in the early morning and once in the early evening. Unfortunately a lot of the things that make the boardwalk hilarious and fun were closed because it was a weeknight but it was not yet officially summer. But the Jesus Sand Sculptor was out and sculpting -- he's been there 30 years building biblical sand castles and collecting contributions in water jugs.


4. We ate crabs and corn and cole slaw and fries with SonnyeBoy and his ladyfriend. It was terrific!

5. Speaking of SonnyeBoy, we went to the movies with him and saw Bridesmaids. (He's a great sport, is SonnyeBoy.) And, I laughed a lot at the movie.

6. We had a family cookout and howled and cackled and joked and reminisced. My gourmet cook nephew grilled jerk chicken and concocted some killer Mojitos (that boy knows how to muddle!); I made an icebox cake.

7. We took a walk on the Life of the Dunes trail on Assateague National Seashore. We saw ponies!


8. We ate ice cream at Dumser's Dairyland three times -- once with my older sister and brother-in-law, once with SonnyeBoy and his ladyfriend, and once all by ourselves. The chocolate dip cones are just as good as ever.

9. We picked up our yearly portion (okay, one of our many yearly) bucket of Fisher's Caramel Corn.

10. We had lunch at Dogfish Head Brewing Company; it was really really good. Joe fell in love with their Raison D'Etre brown ale.

Mostly, though, we just did whatever we felt like. We had no agenda and no timetable. We woke up when we wanted to and took naps when the mood struck us. We sat on the porch and rocked in the hammock and drank refreshing beverages and loved up on SonnyeBoy.

And now, alas! Back to work.