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Pull Up Your Goddamn Pants: Stripes Edition

The Past Week in Ten Bullet Points

Hey there. It's been a long week. Let me sum up in my favorite form, the bulleted list.

  • I went to a dinner for Joe, who made the President's Club at his retail establishment. The management treated all of the honorees (and a few assorted other folks and management sorts) to dinner at Olive Garden. The honorees also got a goody bag with a new name tag, business cards, and a certificate for a day off. Yay Joe! Of course, then the management went and started cutting associates' hours. Pushme, pullyou; so it goes.

  • Hockey. Oh, hockey! My Caps lost their second round series. I was sad, because it's another series of broken dreams, and yet not too sad, because I saved a couple hundred bucks on playoff tickets. Then the Flyers got swept by the Bruins, which made me feel marginally better.

  • I watched Friday Night Lights, which continues to be my favorite show on television. Julie, Julie, Julie! You fell for that TA's tired old "I don't feel married" line!! This cannot end well. On the other hand, Mindy! You go!!

  • I made another batch of pralines, which turned out much better this time. As part of my rigorous culinary quality control process, I ate several. I continue to test them to ensure that they don't suddenly go bad. So far, so good.

  • I also made a loaf of Sally Lunn bread. It did not rise very much at all -- I think I may have killed off the yeast with too-hot water -- but it is quite tasty nonetheless. I'm thinking it would make a quite yummy French toast.

  • I caught up with Camelot and the Borgias, and continued watching Game of Thrones. I am having a lot of fun with these costume dramas. I think someone should do a mashup of all three -- Game of Borgelot? Camethronegias? Hmm?

  • I got up 5:30 this morning to make an 8:30 meeting at a different building. I did this because we all got an email stating that "some people" had commented to senior management that early meetings were a hardship because of commutes and so on -- but that "the expectation" was that we would be on time. In other words, "Tough! Suck it up!" so I sucked it up and got to the meeting over a half-hour early, only to find that the meeting had been delayed until 9:00. The things I do for these people! Geez! So I had a bagel.

  • Angry Birds. Lots of Angry Birds.

  • I had a lovely Mother's Day. Joe gave me a very sweet card. After all, he was instrumental in making me a mother! We went out for breakfast, and the restaurant served a lovely chocolate-dipped strawberry to all of the mothers. We saw Thor in the afternoon. SonnyeBoy called later in the day, and that made my Mother's Day pretty much perfect.

  • So, yeah -- we saw Thor. It was very entertaining and I liked it a lot! I have decided that Chris Hemsworth shall play Sidewall Sam in the movie version of Girl Clown. Heh. (I'm sorry, every time I say or write Thor, I'm reminded of the old joke about the orgy of the gods. The gods gather and have this big huge orgy that goes on for days. Finally, three days in, Thor shows up. Everyone's passed out from all the orgying and ignores him. He gets a little bent out of shape at this and hollers "Wake up, you all! I'm Thor!" And one of the lesser goddesses replies, "You're Thor? I'm so thor I can't pith!" Ba da BING!)