Pull Up Your Goddamn Pants: Skater Edition
Pull Up Your Goddamn Pants: Caps Edition

We Are Louder!

If you follow the Stanley Cup playoffs at all, then you know that my beloved Capitals recently played two games in New York, at Madison Square Garden. You also know that our jolly coach, Bruce Boudreau, dissed the venue in an offhand sort of way. He said it was kind of a dump (not a quote) and that it wasn't as loud as Verizon Center.

This made for some fun fan dynamics as the Rangers jumped out to a three-goal lead in Game 4 -- they began chanting "Can you hear us?"

Oh yes, we heard you. We heard you so well that we tied up the game in the third period and then won the game in double overtime.

At which point John Tortorella (who I think would look GREAT if he wore those white wax buck teeth all the time) said that we won "on a nothing play". Okay, Torts, a nothing play? Actually, we won because Jason Chimera was smart enough and quick enough to capitalize (like that? "Capitalize?" Give it a minute.) on a mistake that his highly paid supposed superstar made.

So, here we were, in Verizon Center, for Game 5 of the seven-game series -- a game the Caps must win to clinch the series early.

I have never -- NEVER -- been in an atmosphere like that, even for the past two seasons. It was exciting, electric, raucous, and so so so LOUD!

And after Mike Green scored the first goal of the game, the chanting started:


And when the "Unleash the Fury" video played with five minutes to go in the game and the Caps leading 3-0, the place. Went. Nuts. And I happily, deliriously, joyfully joined in.

So the Rangers scored with 31 second left to play. BFD! There was no miracle comeback for them.


We wrapped it up. And we'll take it to Round 2.

Keep on playing, Boston, Philly, Buffalo, Montreal, Tampa, and Pitts. Have nice, long series and lots of overtimes. Meanwhile, my Caps? Rest up, boys. Get ready.