Saturday 9 Is Fine

Ten Reasons I Am Nervous


The Stanley Cup Playoffs begin tonight, and I am nervous. Why are you nervous? I hear you cry. Here's why.

1. It's the Stanley Cup Playoffs -- the reason for the previous 82 games.

2. My beloved Capitals have not done well in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

3. Dennis Wideman is hurt!

4. Greenie is playing his first game in months -- he's been sidelined with a concussion.

5. We are playing the New York Rangers, who have spanked us badly this season. (But that was before the trade deadline! my heart cries out.)

6. "King" Henrik Lundqvist. He's as cute as a button and lethal in the net.

7. Michal Neuvirth. He's so young! He's never been in an NHL playoff! But! But! He's won Calder Cups with the Hershey Bears! And he's cute as a button!

8. The Rangers just squeaked into the playoffs this year. They have something to prove. But! But! We got bounced very very rudely in the first round last year; we have something to prove too!

9. I'm just a nervous type.

10. I really really want them to win.