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Ten Reasons I Am Nervous

Saturday 9 Is Fine

I've been lazing about all day, so I think a meme is about right for this afternoon's post.

1. Do you listen to music at work, and if so, do you use a mp3 player, play it through your office computer, or do you listen to it collectively via a separate radio you keep nearby?

I generally don't listen to music at work, because then I wouldn't be able to eavesdrop on my neighbors in the cube farm. Kidding!

Although, sometimes it's impossible not to eavesdrop; for example, I've heard my neighbors argue with Verizon over a delinquent payment, arrange for a replacement shower door and complain when it was installed incorrectly, refinance a mortgage, and arrange dates through Match.com. Not that I'm a saint -- I'm sure my neighbors have heard me too. Such is the nature of life on the cube farm.

When I do listen to music, though, I listen to my iPod. It's bad form to play music out loud in the cube farm, after all!

2. Tell us something about people that you absolutely hate.

This. (And have I got a doozy coming up!)

3. What is something someone has done that you'd like the world to know about?

I would like the world to know that my grandnephew is appearing in Liberty Smith, new musical that is making its debut at Ford's Theater here in DC! The family showbiz tradition carries on!

4. Where is your favorite place to sit when at home?

My sofa. It's also my favorite place to fall asleep.

5. How did you come up with the title of your blog?

From my previous profession, of course!

6. Tell us about the one who got away.

You can read about him here. Let me just state for the record: I am glad he got away.

7. Have you ever had a big birthday party?

Yes! My 21st birthday party was a biggie. I had it in my dorm room and everyone I knew showed up! My favorite present was a rubber chicken wrapped up to look like a huge doobie.

8. What was the biggest bash you've ever attended?

Probably one of company's holiday parties. We haven't had one in the last three years; instead the company donates the money to charity. But holy moley, they were extravaganzas back in the day!

9. With my kids and an always changing life, I find myself sometimes unable to focus! Do you have that problem, too?

Honey, I'm going on 60 years old. I barely remember what "focus" even means!