Midnight Mass, Maybe
Poor Santa!

Birthday Cake for Christmas Eve

Holi10-badge-holly Today I did a lot of cookie baking (again) and a little decorating, so the house is smelling quite good and looking decently festive.

I got to thinking about what to take to the family Christmas Eve celebration tomorrow night and thought it might be fun to take a birthday cake.

And by birthday cake, I mean a Devil's Food cake with boiled white icing. (And by "boiled white icing," I mean icing made with beaten egg whites and simple syrup.)

The reason I call this particular cakely combination "birthday cake" is that Mom always made this type of cake for our birthdays. I don't ever remember a store-bought cake; it was always Devil's Food, white icing. Oh, Mom baked it in a tube pan, too; not layer pans or a sheet pan.

So off to Googleland, in search of DFC recipes.

None of them seemed right. They all seemed... wrong, somehow. None called for the white icing; they all required chocolate or buttercream or a glaze.

Meh. I kinda gave up.

Until today, when I thought to look in the Fannie Farmer Boston Cooking School cookbook I inherited from Mom and Gramma.

(Cue sounds of angelic chorus.)

There it was: Devil's Food Cake, just as I remember it, made with Baker's Chocolate, not cocoa. The instructions even say to bake it in a tube pan! The last instruction says to frost it with "White Mountain Cream," and a reference to the page number.

I looked it up -- White Mountain Cream is boiled white icing, again just as I remember it, right down to boiling water and sugar until it spins a thread when dripped from a spoon.

Guess what I'm making for dessert tomorrow?