Best. Christmas. Ever.
Gnashing Of Teeth

Boxing Day

Holi10-badge-holly Today SonnyeBoy and I ate pie for breakfast (well, breakfast for him; midmorning snack for me).

Joe was already at work, so SonnyeBoy and I decided to go to the movies, selected True Grit, and headed to the mall.

Mind you, we were hearing dire predictions of several inches of snow, but such threats mean nothing to us and off we went. We opted for a later show so that we could have a leisurely lunch. We gobbled down a deep dish pepperoni pizza at Uno's, a coffee at Starbuck's, and SonnyeBoy topped this off with a Cinnabon. Then we picked up some cables at Radio Shack so we could hook up the DVD player to the new TV.

We also dropped in on Joe for a brief visit -- it had to be brief because he was occupied with helping idiots and nincompoops.

I liked True Grit very much, but I tend to like Coen Brothers films.

We got home about a half-hour before Joe, cleaned up after SonnyeBoy's cat, who knocked over the trash can because she hates us, hates being here, and yet hates being left here alone.

Joe arrived shortly thereafter, and we had dinner and watched the Caps beat the 'Canes in beautiful high definition.

The boys are now asleep in bed. There are a couple of inches of snow on the ground. The dishwasher has finished and David Tutera has saved another girl from a tacky, tacky wedding. All is well this day after Christmas.

SonnyeBoy goes home tomorrow and I will commence missing him, but it was sweet to have him all to myself today.