Poor Santa!
Boxing Day

Best. Christmas. Ever.

Holi10-badge-holly What a wonderful Christmas Day! It even snowed prettily in the morning as we stumbled downstairs for coffee and crepes and Christmas gifts.

The highlight?

Oh my God, SonnyeBoy bought us a 32" flat screen HD TV!

Even better, he hooked it up!

We do have to upgrade our cable service to HD and get the required cables and crap, but we will get that done in the very near future. Even without the HD bells and whistles, the TV is fabulous. What a kid!

Then again, he just attacked me with his new Nerf machine gun.

I cooked the traditional family Christmas dinner: turkey and starches with cranberry sauce. It was great! And, of course, the best pumpkin pie in the whole entire world.

As I was cooking, I looked into the living room only to see my two men doing what everyone should do late on a lovely Christmas afternoon. Watching the new TV? Nope. Reading new books? Nope. Playing games? Nope.



And now? I think it's time for another slice of pie.