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The little twin girls next door are celebrating their third birthday, so there is quite a lot of excited squealing happening. I'm fine with it; these are little miracle girls. They were born very prematurely, spent their first four months of life in the NICU, and came home to live hooked up to apnea detectors. It's good to see them be lively and loud. So happy birthday to them!

It's a glorious fall day here. I've been running errands all day while Joe's been at work. Weather like this makes it a pleasure. But I can't help feeling a little sad; it's because the days are shorter and soon standard time will go into effect and then? Dark at 5:00. Foo and wah.

I made the Sacred Cookies last weekend and had every intention of sending them to SonnyeBoy. Instead, Joe and I ate them. (They are particularly tasty with a nice cabernet.) Sorry, SonnyeBoy! I will make more tomorrow and this i promise to send them to you. Well, most of them.

Speaking of cabernet, we stopped at the beer and wine store last night so that Joe could invest in a six pack. As soon as we walked in, the owner's wife said, "Would you like to try some nice wine?" Well, the only answer to that question is "Yes!" So we did; two varieties of cabernet sauvignon. One was a little bitey, but the other was nice and smooth. So we opted for wine instead of beer, and it was a good decision.

Well, I am once again considering participating in NaNoWriMo. This year, though, I think I'll be a rebel. I have been waffling around with The Sequel for far too long now and I think if I just rip out the middle and rewrite it I will finally be happy with it. Such a drastic measure requires a deadline and a group of people who can cheer me on (or at least commiserate with me); thus, NaNoWriMo. The DC Nanoer's are a fine collection of folks, so at least I will have some fun at write-ins, if nothing else. If anyone would like to read the finished product, let me know. I'll send you a "beta" version!

The Caps play the Predators tonight. I am nervous -- I fear that the coach's press conference after the game will go something like this: