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Thirty Days of Truth 3

Day 3 of the Thirty Days of Truth: Something You Have to Forgive Yourself For.

My Pop died in 1991. My Mom died last January.

I have to forgive myself for not being with them when they died.

Pop died sometime in the night, so who could expect anyone to be there? Still, I hadn't visited him in the nursing home for a week or maybe more. Alone in a nursing home in the middle of the night, he breathed his last breath.

Mom died on a Sunday afternoon. I saw her just the day before and she had visitors right up until two hours before the end, but I wasn't there. She, too, slipped away from here all by herself, alone in a nursing home.

But who knows? Maybe they weren't alone; maybe they were surrounded by angels and saints; maybe they didn't even know they died.

I do know that I have to stop beating myself up for not being with them at that moment.

I have to forgive myself for that.