Thirty Days of Truth
Thirty Days of Truth 3

Thirty Days of Truth 2

Day 2 of the Thirty Days of Truth is Something You Love about Yourself.

You know what? I'm a damn good speaker. I love that I can take a topic, do some research, write a speech or presentation, and then stand up in front of a crowd and deliver. Not to brag or anything, but I once got a standing ovation for a talk I gave called Seven Lessons from the Circus.

Maybe it's the drama degree, maybe I'm just a ham at heart, but I really enjoy presenting. I can project well, I can get the audience involved, and I can crack a decent joke or two during a presentation.

I've learned not to junk up a PowerPoint with bullets and text; I've learned to pause rather than say "Ummmm". I look my audience in the eyes and play off their reactions.

I love, too, that I get nervous. Nervous means I'm paying attention and that adrenaline is starting to pump me up. What I love even more is that as soon as I start talking, as soon as I look out over the audience, I'm just fine.