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Ten Things That Make For A Wonderful Weekend

Good Manners

Several months ago I went to my grandniece Maggie's First Holy Communion celebration. I gave her a pretty little pendant on a chain, ate good food, and visited with the extended family -- all in all, a lovely time!

Just the other day I got an envelope in the mail. On the back, in loopy second-grade handwriting, was the label "Ant Mary". There was also a note from her mom; evidently my niece found the envelope in Maggie's room, so she addressed it and sent it along. I should say that these kids always write their thank-you notes, which is pretty rare these days.

So I'm already smiling as I opened the envelope. I found a lovely homemade thank-you card:


So sweet, no? It gets better. I opened the card to read this:


I love that she just crossed out the "Your personal message here" prompt! You can just barely see that she tried to write "beautiful" but just couldn't quite do it.

And "nekles"!! I am dying from the cute.