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Ten Things That Make For A Wonderful Weekend

There's so much about this weekend that was wonderful, I'll simply list them out.

1. The weather has been perfect. Cool nights, warm days, cloudless skies of brilliant blue -- I could not have ordered better.

2. Joe had three days off in a row -- Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It's really a treat to have him with me all weekend.

3. I slept way late Saturday morning, quite deliberately. I finally woke to the aroma of fresh coffee -- nothin' better than that!

4. Except, maybe, coming downstairs to find a plate of pancakes all made and waiting for me.

5. You know, I never thought I'd ever list grocery shopping as something wonderful, but we have a brandy new Harris Teeter close to us and it is, in a word, wonderful, at least as far as grocery stores go.

6. Although my Caps stunk up the ice in the season opener Friday night in Atlanta, they made up for it in the home opener Saturday night by putting the smackdown on the Devils and winning 7-2. Thanks boys!

7. SonnyeBoy celebrated his 29th birthday on Saturday. He sent me the following text message: What were you doing 29 years ago at this time? And I responded: Counting your fingers and toes after I ALMOST DIED. Hey, I have to keep the guilt alive, don't I?

8. I made Mom's chocolate chip cookies and only burned one dozen out of five! For me, that spells success! And yes, I did lick the beaters.

9. The Redskins beat the Packers in overtime! For once, we came back to win instead of our opponent coming back to win. We now have a winning record. (Will it continue? Time will tell.) Hail!

10. I saved the best for last. My good friend, the lovely and talented Bev, was in town for the weekend to attend a wedding. Her husband and his siblings hosted a get-together for their DC-area friends at a local sports bar/seafood house. It was so much fun! I have followed Bev since I started journaling back in 2002; she had already been doing daily entries for several years. But we started conversing through guestbooks and comments and realized that we were kindred spirits. We finally met in person in 2005 and it was like we'd already known each other for years. Her husband Walt is a peach; the rest of the folks were friendly and fun; suffice it to say that it was the perfect end to a perfect weekend.

Onward to the workweek!