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Revelry At Renn Fest

Yesterday I took the lovely and talented Deb up on her offer to get together and off we went to the Maryland Renaissance Festival.

We had a blast!

We actually had A Plan, which was to see as many shows as possible, interspersed with eating and drinking.

Notice that I did not mention "shopping." While I enjoy browsing in the shops, I have learned that I really have no need for a snood or a corset or a chain mail brassiere. I have plenty of jewelry and more art than I know what to do with. Handmade goblet? Got one. Floppy velvet hat? Yep.

So it's on with the shows!

Almost as soon as we got in the gate, a show started up at the nearest wee stage: Coeur de Lion, a Celtic quartet. Quite nice and a great way to start the day.


Next up, at the next stage down the lane, was Larksalot the Bald, who was ribald as well as bald, and who did, well, this:


Ten burly guys from the audience held the rope and another lay underneath as Larksalot juggled knives. No wonder the guy underneath was protecting his groinal area.

After Larksalot, we stayed put to see A Fool Called O and LaLa. I happen to know O -- he's a wonderful mime named Mark Jaster. I've seen his work several times, but I've never seen his O character. I'm so glad I have now! He and his wife Sabrina Mandell (LaLa) did a lovely act, including a most beautiful rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow on the musical saw (YES!) and ukelele.


After O and LaLa, we wandered over to the Royal Stage to catch Johnny Fox, an amazing sleight of hand artist and swordswallower. Yep, swordswallower. He's been doing this for 30 years -- that's a lotta swords!


After Johnny Fox, we were feeling a little peckish and thus repaired to one of the many food booths for some Steak on a Stake, after which we frequented one of the many pubs for a refreshing beverage.

On to the next stage for one of my absolute favorite Clown College alums, Michael Rosman, aka the Squire of the Wire. Michael is one of the funniest, most talented circus arts performers that I know. He's a wonderful cigar box juggler -- well, he's a wonderful juggler, period -- but the highlight of his act is his wire walking.


Yep -- more knife juggling, this time on a tight wire about 10 feet off the ground! (And under the kilt? Well... no, I can't tell. It would be wrong.)

We skipped the overcrowded jousting show and instead grabbed seats for Hack and Slash, the hilarious sword fighters. They were extremely loose for this performance -- the result, I think, of several trips to the ale keg. Nonetheless, they were very funny as only Hack and Slash can be.


By this time it was 5:00 and time to bid farewell to our ersatz 16th century.

Farewell! And Huzzah!