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Pictures From The Past

I only knew my parents when they were older -- I wasn't even born until Mom was 40. And, of course, I never knew my Gramma as a young woman. I often think about what they were like when they were young. The clues are in the old photos I have of them and other family members, so I thought I'd share a few of my favorites.

Here's my Pop in the 1930s. Isn't he quite the dashing man about town? How about that swimsuit?

Dapperpop PopSwim 

Here are Mom and Pop posing on a pretty swanky car. I've put this up before, but I really love it.


This next picture is of my Gramma and her BFF, Miss Edith Van Ness, in the 1920s. (Gramma would have been in her 40s then.) Aunt Edith, as we called her, never married. She and my Gramma talked every day, and she would come and stay with Gramma when we'd go down to the beach in the summertime. Gramma looks a little miffed here, doesn't she? But dig the shoes!


Here's a great picture of my Mom and her high-school sorority sisters in 1928, the year she graduated from high school. She's the fourth from the right. They look like some pretty fun lovin' gals, don't they?


Next we jump right up into the 1940s, wartime in the USA. This is my older sister -- probably at age 6 or so -- sitting on the lap of one of Pop's best friends. I think it's really charming, if a tad blurry. Then we rocket way back to turn of the 20th century to see my Gramma as a young woman in a fabulous hat!

Salute          Hat 

Finally, here's a clue to Mom's personality. This was taken in 1912. She's the one in the carriage, shoving her older sister (my Aunt Ruth) out of the way. Step off, Aunt Ruth! This is Mom's portrait! When I first saw this picture and realized who these two children were, I laughed out loud. It still makes me smile!