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One Thing After Another

The last couple days have been a clusterfuck.

It started Monday, when I thought I'd steam a zucchini for dinner. I sliced up the delectable squash, dumped it in the steamer basket, put the basket in the pan, and slapped the pan on the burner at high heat.

Notice anything missing from this scenario?

Yeah. I forgot to put water in the pan. So much for that pan, dammit.

Yesterday evening I our voicemail contained a nice message from State Farm insurance, who was handling our claim against the woman who rear-ended us. Long story short, her coverage had lapsed; sucks to be us. The next message was from her -- we'll call back when we're a little calmer.

I sat down to catch up on the checkbook entries. When I opened my wallet, I couldn't help noticing that my Visa checkcard was MIA.

Shit! I called the pub where we had dinner on Sunday night; that's the last place I used it and I thought I might have flaked an forgotten to put it back in my wallet.

Nope. They don't have it. Okay, so I call Bank of America, cancel the card and order a new one. It'll arrive in five to seven days.

Oh goody.

Okay, so I put a check in my wallet, along with a check for 27 bucks that my health insurance sent me because I evidently overpaid for Joe's TEE. I figured I'd cash the checks to have some walking-around money since I was sans checkcard.

I get to the bank this morning and present my checks to the teller. My own check, no problem. The check from Aetna, however, has some sort of fraud alert on it.

Huh? Geez. Is nothing going to be easy this week?

Anyway, I get my dough and go into the office. I call Aetna. After struggling with the automaton voice ("I'm sorry, I don't understand! Are you calling about a claim?" YES! YES! YES!) I finally get a human and explain the problem. Then I listen to some nice music. Then he comes back on the line and tells me that the check was issued in error so they put a stop payment on it and I should shred it.

Mystery solved, but I did express my opinion that they could have contacted me about the problem before I embarrassed myself trying to cash a bad check. He apologized (Gee, thanks!); I hung up and ripped the check up into little pieces.

Which brings us to tonight. I got on my usual express bus and nabbed a great seat.We got about three miles down the road and the driver pulled over to the first stop on this route.


The driver somehow pulled too close to the curb. The bottom step caught on the storm drain and ripped completely off the bus.


So everybody had to get off the bus and wait for the next one. Oh well.

So I was feeling just a tad put upon as I trudged home after the Death Bus incident. And there on the stoop was a package.

This year's Caps season tickets.

And Slap Shot's on TV.

I think it's gonna be all right.