Teen Angst
Third Time's The... Something

Billy Mays, Where Are You When I Need You?

Are unruly children making your life miserable? Screaming toddlers causing your head to explode? Bad seeds planting themselves in your general vicinity on the subway, the airplane, the movie theater, or supermarket?

Don't suffer anymore! Presenting TaserTot, the handheld stun gun that delivers a mild jolt of "Mind Your Manners" to out-of-control anklebiters.

It doesn't matter if the rugrats are poorly medicated or just plain brats, the solution can be right in the palm of your hand. TaserTot comes in a convenient pleather case in ten different colors guaranteed to please the most fashion-conscious kiddie-hater.

It's so easy to use! Barely the size of a lipstick, TaserTot uses the latest in point-and-shoot laser technology, ensuring that you'll zap the wee hellions exactly where you want to without any annoying child advocates or ignorant parents being the wiser. 

And if the pint-sized juvenile delinquents happen to belong to you, all the better! No more worrying about the "right" form of discipline. Let's face it -- timeouts are ineffective and spanking is cruel. Bed without supper is not a punishment when a kid has XBox in the bedroom. No, sirree -- with TaserTot, you get instant compliance. No whining, no complaining, no crying; instead you have a quiet little unconscious lump who is ready for bed on your terms.

TaserTot -- it's toddlerlicious!

Get yours today!!