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We spent the weekend at Joe's sister's house. It's such a beautiful drive out there, over the ridges through Frederick, Hagerstown, Hancock, Flintstone... into and out of Cumberland, down the driveway, through the woods and up the hill to the octagon house.

We didn't do anything in particular. We petted the critters and walked along the lane and listened to the wind in the trees. We drank coffee and ate cake and played games with the little kids and talked and talked and talked. We laughed a lot too.

It was just what we needed.

The weather this week has been pretty spectacular -- warm days, cool nights, low humidity, and (as the weather folks like to say) abundant sunshine. It's lovely! I feel like I can finally breathe again.

The Redskins beat Dallas! It wasn't the prettiest game in the world, but I don't care.

Even more, if football season has started, can hockey be far behind? I think not!

Tonight I got on the crowded subway train. A young woman was sitting on the aisle, the seat beside her empty, so I politely said, "Excuse me" to ask for the seat. She grimaced but slid over and I sat down, very happy to have a seat.

Then I noticed another woman, maybe a wee bit older than I, coming down the aisle. She was using a crutch; her foot encased in a big moon boot. I got up and offered her my seat and she gratefully took it. I resigned myself to stand, but then the young man in the next row asked if I would like to sit. He got up and I happily sat back down.


So yeah. Everything balances out, I guess.