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Nats Game: Once More, With Phillies

Last Saturday I went to a Washington Nationals baseball game with my sister, brother, and their respective spouses. My sister arranged this outing, so it was bound to be fun.

We had seats on the lower level, under cover, on the first base side. Here's the view from my seat.


Pretty good, eh? I settled into my aisle seat with my Zany Cherry sno-cone and prepared to enjoy the game.

Unfortunately, this was my actual view throughout a lot of the game:


And this:


At least there was an HD screen in easy viewing range.


The usher on the concourse did his best to keep people from walking down the stairs while a batter was up, but he couldn't prevent folks from climbing up. Since the stands were chock full of Phillies fans, they tended to get up and wander about when my Nats were up to bat.

Damn Phillies fans.

We still had a great time. The Nats led for most of the game, until the Phillies tied things up in the 7th inning. A solo home run in the top of the 9th gave the Phillies a one-run lead. The Phillies fans surrounding us were celebrating. I was not.

But then Ryan Zimmerman hit a three-run walkoff homer in the bottom of the ninth to win the game!

And the aisle was clear, so I saw it, from the time Zim pulverized the pitch to the time the ball dropped neatly behind the center field fence.

So yeah. Go Nats!