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Teen Angst

I was 14, in eighth grade, 1966. The year when Nobody Liked Me. I still remember the day that I found out Nobody Liked Me. I was working in the school library, shelving books, along with several other girls. These girls were the ones I hung out with, the ones who were my friends. They were chattering away about what they were bringing to a Christmas party being hosted by another girl from the class.... Read more →

Duck And Cover

The recent 65th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and Iran's foray into the nuclear swamp (Power? Bombs? Both?) reminded me of a time in my childhood when I was pretty petrified by the thought of Nuclear War. I was in fourth grade at the height of the madness. We had Duck and Cover drills in school. We practiced getting home on foot as quickly as possible; I remember running as fast as I could... Read more →

TEE Time

Today Joe had a TEE -- transesophageal echocardiogram -- to make double especially sure that his ticker is whole and without a hole. We were already pretty sure of this fact, because he passed the echocardiogram with bubble contrast with flying colors, and he didn't even study! (Sorry.) I really wanted to watch, but alas! I could not. Instead I cooled my heels in the surgery waiting room, where I played several games of Scrabble... Read more →

Church Street: The Stats

The Church Street project is officially complete! Shall we, as they say in the statistics biz, slice and dice the data? Total distance: 14.6 miles of New Hampshire Avenue, Montgomery County Maryland, between Route 29 and Route 97. Total number of houses of worship: 34 That's about 2.3 houses of worship per mile. Number of Christian houses of worship: 30 Evangelical Christian: 6 (Iglesia de Dios, Eun Sam, Tiempo de Gracia, First Alliance, Immanuel's Church,... Read more →

A Day At The Museum

Last Sunday Joe and I took a field trip to the National Museum of American History. I love this museum! I hadn't been since the Star Spangled Banner was restored and rejuvenated, so I was eager to see it, and Julia Child's kitchen, and whatever else piqued our interest. The Star Spangled Banner exhibit is the first thing that greets you as you walk in. It's a huge silver sculpted wall, not the flag itself.... Read more →

Nats Game: Once More, With Phillies

Last Saturday I went to a Washington Nationals baseball game with my sister, brother, and their respective spouses. My sister arranged this outing, so it was bound to be fun. We had seats on the lower level, under cover, on the first base side. Here's the view from my seat. Pretty good, eh? I settled into my aisle seat with my Zany Cherry sno-cone and prepared to enjoy the game. Unfortunately, this was my actual... Read more →

Church Street: Iglesia de Dios

Here we are at the end of our visits to the many houses of worship along New Hampshire Avenue, from Route 29 to Route 97. It's another little white house, this time with a big cross on the front to differentiate it from the others. This church, like some of the other wee ones, doesn't have a web site. I'm willing to bet, though, that they have food! Thanks for coming on this journey with... Read more →