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Church Street: The Stats

The Church Street project is officially complete! Shall we, as they say in the statistics biz, slice and dice the data?

Total distance: 14.6 miles of New Hampshire Avenue, Montgomery County Maryland, between Route 29 and Route 97.


Total number of houses of worship: 34

That's about 2.3 houses of worship per mile.

Number of Christian houses of worship: 30

Number of Islamic houses of worship: 2 (Anjuman-e-Ezzi, Muslim Community Center)

Number of Hindu houses of worship: 1 (Shri Mangal Mandir)

Number of Buddhist houses of worship: 1 (Cambodian Buddhist Temple)

Number of Jewish houses of worship: 0

Number named after people who are not God: 7 (Our Lady of Vietnam, St. Andrew -- twice), St. Luke, St. Stephen, St. Thomas, St. John the Baptist)

Number named after places: 7 (Colesville -- twice), Ashton -- twice), Brinklow, Mt. Carmel, Spencerville)

Number named after the road: 1

Number named after Biblical events: 2 (Resurrection Baptist, Transfiguration Anglican/Episcopal)

That's the objective breakdown. Now, how about a very subjective poll?

Which one is your favorite and why? Tell me in the comments. I'll let you know the results -- and my thoughts -- next Sunday.