Church Street: Eun Sam Evangelical

Straight Into My Heart

I was walking into the parking garage when I saw them: a tiny, frail old lady leaning on her walker, inching her way down the sidewalk, and her daughter, middle-aged woman keeping pace, encouraging her mom.

I had to bite my lip because... well, that was Mom and I, not so long ago. But the lip biting only made the tears fall out of my eyes as I passed them, passed them quickly because who wants to see someone crying in a public parking garage?

So thank you, person who asked if the meters needed feeding. You made me wipe my eyes quickly and gather myself together and focus on the here and now.

Here and now. Here and now. God. It doesn't matter how intellectual you are. It doesn't matter that I can talk and talk about it and be fine. That moment bypassed my brain and went straight into my heart.

Which, I guess, is what mourning is. Moments of remembering that go straight into your heart.