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So Much For The Good News

Minor Narrowing, No Stenosis

I've been holding off writing about this here until we knew more. Now we do, so time to come clean and tell the whole tale.

Three weeks ago Joe had a weird episode at work. At first he thought his blood sugar had crashed, or maybe it was dehydration -- at any rate, he felt awful and took off early.

But you know what? When he described his symptoms to me, I said Oh my God, you've had a TIA.

He resisted going to the hospital -- don't we all? -- but I finally beat him down enough to extract a promise to call the doctor, or if he wouldn't call the doctor, to at least talk to My Brother, the Physician's Assistant.

He did both, thank God.

The doc gave him an EKG (fine), took blood and urine (no problems there), and ordered a CT scan, chest xray, and carotid artery ultrasound.

Then a week ago, the day before the last three tests, he had another episode.

At work. A little worse than before. This time, his boss and his bosses boss tried to get him to go to the hospital. Again, nope. After all, tests next day! So his boss drove him home, because he was so... not right. (I got the car later that evening, thanks to my great good friend Andrea.)

Tests. Waiting for results. Over several days. Dealing with the doctor's office -- mixup with the ultasound results! ARGH!

CT scan? Pefect. Nothing wrong with his brain. (Well... no. Never mind!)

Chest xray? Clear. Good; breathing not a problem.

Carotid artery ultrasound? Minor narrowing, no stenosis.

A look at WebMD tells us that this is how carotid artery disease begins; that it increases the risk of stroke; that it's pretty much not a good thing. But, all things considered, we've been given a gift. Maybe it's a simple matter of meds and fewer cigars rather than surgery.

Or rehabilitation after a massive stroke.

Anyway, Joe has a followup with the doctor tomorrow, where he'll find out more about what a "minor narrowing" entails. In early August, he consults with a cardiologist as well, just to be extra special sure.

More as it happens, and thanks for all your good vibes, your crossed fingers, your prayers, and your love.

We love you all right back.