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At Long Last, A Love List

I have not done one of these in weeks and weeks and it's high time. As I was walking home from the bus stop on this perfect afternoon, I realized that I've worrying a lot this past week. I've worried about Joe, about work, about money, about everything and anything, It didn't occur to me that I'd been worrying, but when I woke up with headaches -- really, more like face-aches -- every day this... Read more →

Church Street: Resurrection Baptist Church

For our last church along New Hampshire Avenue, I bring you Resurrection Baptist Church. I saved this one for later in the list because I was hoping that it would be completed before this series was -- alas! It is still under construction -- a pre-natal house of God, if you will. The congregation is currently meeting in a local school; I'm sure they will enjoy praising God in this simple but elegant building. As... Read more →

So Much For The Good News

So. Joe saw the doctor yesterday and mentioned that he had a second episode. The doctor immediately said, "This changes everything; you will see the cardiologist today." The office manager called the cardiologist office and bam! Appointment made. The cardiologist, who is named Dr. Wang (and I am NOT KIDDING about that), examined Joe, reviewed the test results so far, and then dropped the bombshell. He might have an atrial septal defect. Which, my friends,... Read more →

Minor Narrowing, No Stenosis

I've been holding off writing about this here until we knew more. Now we do, so time to come clean and tell the whole tale. Three weeks ago Joe had a weird episode at work. At first he thought his blood sugar had crashed, or maybe it was dehydration -- at any rate, he felt awful and took off early. But you know what? When he described his symptoms to me, I said Oh my... Read more →

Church Street: Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses -- The Sequel

Whereas this Kingdom Hall is located right next to a huge evangelical Christian church, today's Kingdom Hall is set back from the street on a little wooded lot. Like all the halls, this one is modest and utilitarian, but I think the angle makes the light pole look a tiny bit like a steeple. No? Okay. Maybe not. Neither has its own website, but both link up to the main site for the Jehovah's Witnesses,... Read more →

Church Street: Shiloh Christian Fellowship

Here is the bright white home of Shiloh Christian Fellowship. It's funny -- there are Shiloh Christian Fellowships all over the country. They're in Minot, North Dakota; Oakland, California; New Orleans, Louisiana; Manchester, New Hampshire; even Baltimore, Maryland! But while the congregation of Shiloh Christian Fellowship of Silver Spring, Maryland has no home on the web, it certainly has a home in this little House of God. And I'm willing to bet they have a... Read more →


So anyway, after my trigger experience last Monday I drove into Silver Spring thinking that I might go to see Godfather II at the Silver, because really. Godfather II! Alas, it wasn't playing until much later that day, so I headed to the multiplex to scope out the more popular cinematic offerings. I toyed with the idea of Toy Story 3 until I realized that I would be sharing the theater with hordes of sticky... Read more →

Straight Into My Heart

I was walking into the parking garage when I saw them: a tiny, frail old lady leaning on her walker, inching her way down the sidewalk, and her daughter, middle-aged woman keeping pace, encouraging her mom. I had to bite my lip because... well, that was Mom and I, not so long ago. But the lip biting only made the tears fall out of my eyes as I passed them, passed them quickly because who... Read more →

Church Street: Eun Sam Evangelical

This modest house with its tall white steeple is the Eun Sam Evangelical Church. This picture is not all that great, because the church is at the bottom of a steep driveway. At the bottom of the driveway there was not enough room to get a decent shot of the entire church. But imagine, if you will, a plain brick rambler on the other side of the steeple, and you've got it. I think this... Read more →