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Ten Things About Memorial Day Weekend

We had a very full, very fun weekend! Here are ten things about it:

1. It was hot -- high 80s all three days; today may have nudged 90.

2. We saw two movies: The Man Who Would Be King and Date Night. Both were good. TMWBK is a classic, of course, and Tina Fey and Steve Carell were wonderful in Date Night.

3. I had lunch at a fancy joint with my older sister, my two first cousins, and their husbands and various progeny. It was lovely. This yearly "Cousins Lunch" started as a way to get together to remember my Aunt Ruth; now Mom has been added to the remembrance.

4. Stanley Cup Finals! I wish I could be rooting for my boys, but the Blackhawks will do for me this year.

5. We went to the circus yesterday! Kelly Miller Circus is a wonderful one-ring show with all of the old-fashioned elements of circus. The acts were great, the clowns were funny, and we had a terrific time. I must also mention that sno-cones are a gift from God.

6. After the circus we went over to my younger sister's house to celebrate my brother-in-law's birthday. My sister puts on a terrific party, let me tell you. Great food, great company.

7. The Obituary Plaque was a big hit with everyone. And by "big hit," I mean we all laughed at its tackiness. Oddly enough, no one was interested in ordering their own (only $875 for a 36x48 version). I also conveniently forgot to bring it home. (Heh!)

8. We ate a lot of popcorn this weekend, what with movies and the circus and the parties. And peanuts and sno-cones. And pizza. And cupcakes from Hello Cupcake. Also roast beef.

9. We got ripped off by an old guy, but you knew that already.

10. We heard quite a few motorcycles coming down highway by our house for the yearly Rolling Thunder ride. Hearing those engines reminds me to thank, from my heart, all the men and women who gave their lives so that I could see two movies, eat good food, and go to the circus.