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On The Mend

So Much To Tell; So Little Energy

I have so much I want to write about, but it all comes down to this: I have bronchitis.


I know! I thought it was allergies. I started feeling a tad snuffly last week in Dallas. I had an occasional cough, a slightly itchy throat and eyes, a sneeze or two, all my usual allergy annoyances.

It settled in for real after I got home. On Friday, I had zero energy and decided to do jackshit for the day, thinking I would surely perk up for the weekend.

No such luck. I did actually go to this year's Congress of Jugglers but I only lasted a couple of hours. The coughing got steadily worse and my snoot got increasingly clogged. I came home and crashed, rising long enough to suck up some soup and pick Joe up from work.

Yesterday I accepted the fact that this was not allergies. I clung to the feeble hope that it might just be a spring cold until my breathing started to sound like a rusty calliope*.

Given my track record, I know this is bronchitis. So it's off to the doctor I go tomorrow, to see if I can knock this out before it gets more serious.

And just to make matters even more fun, Joe has it too.

We are a pair, let me tell you.

Anyway, there will be more soon, just as soon as I finish coughing.

*Pronounced the circus way: CAL-lee-ope.