Bye, El
The Octogenarian And The Umbrella

Is This Kinda Icky?

So I get home from work today and there's a wee package waiting for me on the stoop. I haven't ordered anything recently, so of course I immediately decided it was a check for a million dollars from an unknown benefactor.

I couldn't have been more wrong.

I picked up the envelope and saw that it was from The Washington Post. Maybe I'd won some sort of prize!

Again, no.

Inside was a plaque of my mother's death notice and a note thanking me for putting it in the Post.


It's 5x7, laminated, and has a hanger on the back, in case I want to hang it on the wall and be constantly reminded that she's dead.

Like I need a reminder.

Oh yeah, also included was an order form in case I wanted to order more plaques in different sizes.

Is this icky? It feels icky to me. I guess other folks might like this sort of thing and view it as a lovely remembrance, but it just makes me feel icky and sad.

But maybe I'm just nuts.