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Ten Things About Memorial Day Weekend

We had a very full, very fun weekend! Here are ten things about it: 1. It was hot -- high 80s all three days; today may have nudged 90. 2. We saw two movies: The Man Who Would Be King and Date Night. Both were good. TMWBK is a classic, of course, and Tina Fey and Steve Carell were wonderful in Date Night. 3. I had lunch at a fancy joint with my older sister,... Read more →

Church Street: Heritage Christian Church

On the corner of Norwood Road and New Hampshire Avenue, right across from the massive Lutheran Church of St. Andrew, is the much more modest Heritage Christian Church, a Disciples of Christ congregation. Right on the home page is the important stuff: Coffee every Sunday at 11:45! I kid, of course. Here's what the Disciples believe: Founded in the 1960's, Heritage Christian Church is a small, thriving congregation, diverse in beliefs, age, race, socio-economic status,... Read more →

The Octogenarian And The Umbrella

I got off early from work today, so Joe and I met up in Silver Spring and had a bite to eat. We then checked the movies times at the AFI to see if there was something good playing. Lo and behold, The Man Who Would Be King was playing! This movie, in case you didn't know, is a wonderful John Huston epic starring Michael Caine and Sean Connery. Even better, it was playing in... Read more →

Is This Kinda Icky?

So I get home from work today and there's a wee package waiting for me on the stoop. I haven't ordered anything recently, so of course I immediately decided it was a check for a million dollars from an unknown benefactor. I couldn't have been more wrong. I picked up the envelope and saw that it was from The Washington Post. Maybe I'd won some sort of prize! Again, no. Inside was a plaque of... Read more →

Bye, El

Ellie was SonnyeBoy's daycare provider. She took care of him from the time he was two months old until he was 14, so I could work. She was his third grandma and raised him just as much as I did, yet she always made me feel that I was his mother and that no one could replace us, his parents. She was a tiny lady, under 5 feet tall, but her heart was huge. She... Read more →

Church Street: Colesville Presbyterian Church

Tucked away down a slight hill is Colesville Presbyterian Church, where my grand-niece was married back in 2006. I have to say that, as a technical communicator, I like their use of the bulleted list:As a church of Jesus Christ, we strive to be a church that: Gives a sense of warmth, love and joy to all who enter; Worships and celebrates God with praise for God’s mighty works Thanks God for God’s daily gifts... Read more →

Cleaning And Cookies

Joe worked today, so I had the house to myself. It's getting easier as time goes on, this having entire Saturdays stretching out ahead of me. Time that used to be filled with visiting and caring for Mom is now all my own. So today, after sending Joe off to work, I went back to bed for an hour. It was delightful, just snuggling under the covers and watching silly TV. I did have a... Read more →

What I'm Watching

Ah, television! I am a child of the television era. I grew up watching the tube -- I vaguely remember watching Howdy Doody, but I was much more into Crusader Rabbit and his sidekick Rags the Tiger. Crusader Rabbit was a medieval bunny knight, which might account for my current love of The Tudors. Speaking of The Tudors, I'm sad that it's almost over. We're now on Catherine Parr, Wife Number 6. After spending two... Read more →

Church Street: Transfiguration Anglican/Episcopal Church

Here we are at Transfiguration Anglican/Episcopal Church. It's right by some heavy-duty road construction, so it's easy to miss this pretty church completely as you navigate the traffic cones. The rector and assistant rector are women -- hurray for you, Episcopalians! At Transfiguration, they believe that: As a community of faith in Jesus Christ, we commit ourselves to fulfill a vision of inclusiveness by sharing, supporting, and serving each other and our community, through the... Read more →