Renegade Apostrophe VI
Church Street: Colesville Presbyterian Church

Cleaning And Cookies

Joe worked today, so I had the house to myself. It's getting easier as time goes on, this having entire Saturdays stretching out ahead of me. Time that used to be filled with visiting and caring for Mom is now all my own.

So today, after sending Joe off to work, I went back to bed for an hour. It was delightful, just snuggling under the covers and watching silly TV.

I did have a couple of goals though -- I didn't loaf away the entire day. I cleaned out one of our many Fibber McGee cupboards, tossed out a lot of crap, and rearranged the rest. I now believe we have a real shot at keeping this cupboard tidy. I know, I know; but hope springs eternal!

I then I cleaned the kitchen floor. The fun never stops!

I caught up with Friday Night Lights -- another great episode -- and watched the Flyers shut out the Canadiens.

I took care of a few bills and updated the books.

And I made cookies, Snickerdoodles to be precise, from this recipe to be preciser. They are great. I tried two different schemes for baking them:

  1. I plopped the balls of cinnamony goodness right on the baking sheet. The result was a thicker, chewy cookie.
  2. I plopped the balls on the baking sheet, but then squished them with the bottom of a glass. The result was a flatter, slightly crisper cookie that still had a chewy center.

Both versions are great. I did a very thorough quality control test on them, so I speak with confidence.

I may, however, have to repeat the test just to make sure.