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Church Street: Colesville Presbyterian Church

Tucked away down a slight hill is Colesville Presbyterian Church, where my grand-niece was married back in 2006.


I have to say that, as a technical communicator, I like their use of the bulleted list:

As a church of Jesus Christ, we strive to be a church that:
  • Gives a sense of warmth, love and joy to all who enter;
  • Worships and celebrates God with praise for God’s mighty works
  • Thanks God for God’s daily gifts through music, words and prayers’
  • Nurtures each individual as a child of God as revealed in Scripture;
  • Teaches about living a Christ-like life;
  • Shares a responsibility for the social and spiritual welfare of the family, the community, the country and the world;
  • Expresses faith through acts of kindness and service
  • Builds on the Presbyterian and Reformed heritage of the past by focusing on the future

But -- do they have food?

Why yes, yes they do. Never fear, there's a women's version too.