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Nice Surprises

Taxes Surprise

I just got done doing my taxes.

I must admit I was worried this year; I was sure we'd end up owing a ton of money. The details aren't important, but yeah. Worried.

But no! It actually turns out that we are getting a tidy refund! That's a nice surprise, for sure. Kinda makes me wish I'd done the taxes earlier, but at least it's a refund. I will sleep a little bit better tonight (I hope).

Stab from the Past Surprise

Yesterday I participated in the University of Maryland Access2Alumni event. This event is a combination career fair and networking opportunity for students; it's composed of a keynote speech, networking roundtables organized by major, and the career fair. I was one of the alumni at the Performing Arts roundtable -- I was the only one of the five alumni who is not actively in the performing arts. So, I got to tell the earnest and shiny young students just how their performing arts degree would serve them well even if they didn't become Big Stars of Stage and Screen.

The surprise came in the form of one of the other alumni at the roundtable, in that I dated him for awhile when we were students together at Maryland! Luckily, we parted as friends, so it was a nice reunion. He is still an actor, director, and theater group manager and more power to him for that! His ponytail is gone, though -- one of the costs of aging, I suppose.

Busker Surprise

As I left work today, I heard my favorite buskers tuning up so I had to pause to see what they would be playing. I was delighted when they launched into Every Breath You Take. Their bass and violin arrangement was lovely. Thank you, fellas!