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Still Proud To Be A Caps Fan

Yes, I know. I know my boys lost again, again in the playoffs, again in Game 7, after leading the series 3 games to 1. I know they lost to a supposedly inferior team that certainly wasn't inferior during that series. I know, I know, believe me, I know. I was watching every step of the way. I have read all the articles, listened to the commentary, heard all the bitching and moaning and the... Read more →

Church Street: Colesville Baptist Church

Okay, so Colesville Baptist Church isn't directly on New Hampshire Avenue, but the great big sign that points to it is, and that's good enough for me. According to their website, Colesville Baptist is a pretty friendly congregation: How friendly are we? We believe that hospitality is a Divine command. You are welcome here. By the way, we are a big family united in Christ so, just like at a family reunion, you will see... Read more →

That Number Is Unlisted Now

Joe and I got new phones this week, the snazzy Palm Pre Plus, our very first smartphones. Although the phones were free (Woo!), the mandatory data plan will increase our phone bill by a fat chunk o' change each month. Therefore, I have resolved to use lots and lots of unlimited data so that I get my money's worth. Look out, YouTube! Anyway, we did run into a couple of snags, the most notable being... Read more →

I Go Topless

The lovely and talented Ian posted an excellent picture of his family from 1988 and challenged us to do the same. I knew immediately which photo I wanted to post. Here we are, at Ocean City, in 1954. My older sister looks very stylish, doesn't she? How about my brother in his sailor hat? I love how both my mom and pop are smoking! And then there's that little girl in Mom's lap in her... Read more →

Call Box Art

Throughout DC are old, emptied call boxes, used to call the police and fire departments in the days before telephones. They fell out of use decades ago, of course, but many still remain, sentinels of the past. Over the last few years, Cultural Tourism DC sponsored an effort called Art on Call, enabling artists to transform the boxes into urban canvases, neighborhood by neighborhood. I noticed one just the other day, as I was walking... Read more →

Nice Surprises

Taxes Surprise I just got done doing my taxes. I must admit I was worried this year; I was sure we'd end up owing a ton of money. The details aren't important, but yeah. Worried. But no! It actually turns out that we are getting a tidy refund! That's a nice surprise, for sure. Kinda makes me wish I'd done the taxes earlier, but at least it's a refund. I will sleep a little bit... Read more →

Church Street: Our Lady of Vietnam

Mercy is the theme for Our Lady of Vietnam, a Roman Catholic community. (I gleaned this from reading the Google-translated version of their website.) I love their beautiful and graceful church, especially the large gong hanging over the front door. The mission of Our Lady of Vietnam is to "live united and love each other." I think, based on their site and the Google translation, that their patron saint is a Polish nun, St. Maria... Read more →

No Respect For The Dead

We buried my mother on January 28th. This evening I went to the cemetery and saw my mother's grave. On Monday, I heard from my brother that the gravesite was a wreck, but I had to see for myself. This is what I saw. See those wire things on the left? Flower stands, still there even though the wreaths have long since gone, stuck into my mother's and father's grave. See that slab of plywood... Read more →