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Dressing Up

Normally I do not don the fancy duds when I go to a Very Bad Bar, for I like to be comfy when I'm indulging in adult beverages and flinging my ass around the dance floor.

But when the opportunity arose to test out and review a dress from the wonderful plus-size fashion house Igigi, I leapt at it like a gazelle escaping from a hungry lion, especially since I got to keep the dress. I chose the Carolina Swirl dress, because when you are going to a Very Bad Bar that plays the Weetacon anthem, how can you not wear that dress? It's like an order!

Anyway, I was a little worried when I looked at the tag: size 12. What? I thought I had ordered a 14/16, but there it was: 12. But I pulled it on over my head and lo! It was good! The larger size may have given me more room about the hips, but the size 12 top fit perfectly. The neckline, as you can see, was sexy without being too revealing.


The dress was so comfy -- no need to tug or adjust; no worries about cling. It pulled on over my head and settled right down over my flabby bits curves, accentuating the good and minimizing the bad. And this from a dress that was supposedly a size too small!

Best of all, it packs like a dream.

Now, you will notice that I am wearing pantyhose. I had to buy them, for I did not own a single pair. I chose size Q, because the next size up was 4X and I am not there (yet). The legs fit just fine, but boyoboy, I had to stretch the top over mah belleh until it practically screamed. (Or maybe I screamed. I forget.)

Queen size, my ass.

Well, actually, yes.


Anyway, I was wearing nylon undies, so the pantyhose were barely holding on -- I sensed that slippage was imminent. Sure enough, as I sat down to dinner the hose finally gave up and beat a hasty retreat and suddenly I was wearing extremely lo-rise pantyhose.

I was a little scared to stand up, fearing complete pantyhose failure -- how do you explain that to a room full of people? I was lucky, though, as the hose were still hanging on in the back. So off to the bathroom I went to rearrange.


And now for a brief commercial: Really, if you're a lady of size, do check out Igigi's fashions. If you find something you like - and I know you will - use the promo code WEETACON to get 20% off your purchase. Pretty nice, eh? (And that is as close to an ad as you will ever see here at Chez Red Nose.)