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Church Street: Ashton Baptist Church

Next door to the day spa on New Hampshire Avenue is Ashton Baptist Church. According to their site, they "are a loving, caring church with a wonderful group of believers who range from age 1 to 100." Their Sunday worship services begin with a continental breakfast, always a good thing! I really wanted to learn more about their puppet ministry, but that page is under construction, alas. I'd venture to guess, however, that God is... Read more →

A Memorial Visit

Last weekend -- the first perfect weekend of the year, by the way -- SonnyeBoy and his Sweety came to visit and to take in the sights. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, did I mention? Anyway, we shared the National Mall with several demonstrations and protests -- Satuday, there was a demonstration against the war; Sunday, there was a demonstration for immigration reform. We went to the zoo on Saturday afternoon, where there seemed to... Read more →

Oh My Caps!

I am such a nervous fan, especially when my boys play those guys from Pittsburgh. I peek through my fingers during penalty kills; I grit my teeth every time the puck comes close to our goalie. I have been known to change the channel for a brief second if I sense a spike in my blood pressure. Such was the game tonight. It was a close contest; scoreless after the first thanks to stellar goaltending... Read more →

Church Street: St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Chuch

St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church hides behind a stand of trees. Once you drive behind them, though, you see this pretty house of worship: Inscribed over the door is this phrase: “There is always a place for you at Saint John’s.” That's good to know! Actually, I do have some familiarity with this church, because my niece got married here. The day and evening before the wedding it snowed like crazy and there... Read more →

Fifteen Perfect Minutes

It was a busy, busy morning preparing a new course for its internal debut tomorrow. I thought I was done at least three times, only to get "one more change" and "can we put this in" and "fix this screenshot" and nit nit nit nit. Grrr. I ate my egg sal san and yogurt lunch at my desk. I had a chat with my boss. I did some more editing and tweaking and email answering.... Read more →

Gold Diggers and Networking

I've been watching TCM this evening, first 42nd Street and now Gold Diggers of 1933. They are both great romps starring Ruby Keeler and Dick Powell, and featuring Ginger Rogers pre Fred Astaire. Choreography? Why, it's by the great Busby Berkley. Right now Ginger is singing "We're In The Money" in pig Latin, and I am not lying. God, I adore these musicals. They are sneakily risque, from the costumes to the lines. My favorite... Read more →

Church Street: St. Thomas Indian Orthodox Church

The members of the Malankara Orthodox religion believe that Saint Thomas, one of the original twelve apostles, traveled to India, preached the gospel, and founded the church. Here's the American version on New Hampshire Avenue, St. Thomas Indian Orthodox Church: I like this statement from their beliefs: He stands with a humble heart, bowed head and eyes yearning for God's vision, before the Almighty God who is the Creator and Sustainer of all. Man often... Read more →

Rainy Day Love List

It's been raining all day, from a light drizzle to a steady downpour, and it looks like it's going to rain all weekend. Whenever it rains like this, I start humming the old Sesame Street song: It's a rainy day, it's a rainy day! It's raining outside and I can't go out to play. Why do we need the rain anyway? Then the song goes on to enumerate all the reasons why rain is good.... Read more →

Dressing Up

Normally I do not don the fancy duds when I go to a Very Bad Bar, for I like to be comfy when I'm indulging in adult beverages and flinging my ass around the dance floor. But when the opportunity arose to test out and review a dress from the wonderful plus-size fashion house Igigi, I leapt at it like a gazelle escaping from a hungry lion, especially since I got to keep the dress.... Read more →