Ten Things About This Blizzard


Another blizzard! Here are ten things about this one, because I am out of clever names for it.

1. VPN is an invention of the devil. Were it not for VPN, I could sleep all day; as it is, I can work. Poo.

2. Ditto for conference call technology.

3. The snow is now up to the level of back stoop; that's about 4 feet.

4. We have not lost power, which is a real blessing. Thank you, underground power lines!

5. The wind has been more intense with this storm than the first -- true white-out! I haven't seen that since I was in Michigan in 1977. This time, though, I know better than to try to drive in it.

6. Why, oh why didn't I buy a loaf of bread when I was at Trader's Joe's on Monday? I did get milk and meringue cookies, though.

7. At least we have plenty of eggs. You can do a lot with plenty of eggs!

8. I am really tempted to scoop up some fresh snow, add some cream, sugar, and vanilla, and have some snow cream.

9. The feral kitties in the neighborhood are coping remarkably well.


10. Joe? Not so much.