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Return Of The Love List

Okay, I have 10 minutes before I run off to dinner with my high school gal pals, and I have not done one of these for a long, long time, and I really  need to do one to keep my head on straight, so here it is -- a Love List.

I love:

  • Going to dinner with my high school gal pals. A bunch of us have birthdays in January, so that is the purpose of tonight's get together. We are meeting at a joint called Cafe de Paris -- oui, oui!
  • Watching Olympic hockey, especially since I get to see women playing hockey.
  • Snowboard Cross -- watching it, that is; I would never in a million billion years attempt it, for I would die a very painful and cold death.
  • The silliness of the men's figure skating outfits. Child, please. While I was thrilled that Evan Lysacek pulled out a gold-medal winning performance, those weird spangly snakes on his costume seriously icked me out.
  • Cake.
  • Wrapping up in a blanket on the couch.
  • My younger sister. Seriously, I think she saved my sanity last week.
  • Sleep. Peaceful, deep sleep. Perhaps I shall experience it again someday.
  • Bagels, toasted with cream cheese.
  • Raises, however petite.
  • Winning the large puzzle on Minesweeper. (Remember Minesweeper? I have recently rediscovered it; woe is me.)
  • Watching my Friday Night Lights DVDs. I cannot wait for Season 4 to start in April.
  • The Swell Season.
  • Joe slipping into bed beside me and wrapping me up in his arms.

Time to go!