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Church Street: Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses

This modest little building is the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. The Witnesses take their name seriously by going door-to-door to talk about their faith and hand out copies of The Watchtower. More power to them for that; I couldn't do it. When I was a kid and the Witnesses came to the door, my mom would always invite them in. However, she put a caveat on the visit: she would listen to their talk,... Read more →

Service For Twelve

I'm considering selling my sterling silver flatware. Money's been tight lately (especially after paying one-fourth of the funeral expenses) and this massive set of silver has been sitting in my basement for years. I rarely use it -- oh, sometimes I pull it out for holiday meals and grumble as I polish up a few forks and knives and spoons -- but mostly it just sits there in its velvet-lined mahogany case. There is a... Read more →

I Hope It Doesn't End Up On Cakewrecks

I got extremely ambitious yesterday. Joe was working, so I decided to surprise him with a Valentine treat. First, mix up the batter. Yes, that's the good old Joy of Cooking there, turned to the page for Hurry Up Caramel Cake. I chose this recipe for several reasons: cake, caramel, and hurry up (aka "not complicated".) Then, pour the batter into one round pan and one square pan. See where this is going? (I first... Read more →

Church Street: Lutheran Church of St. Andrew

St. Andrew gets around! Earlier in this series, he lent his name to a Ukrainian Orthodox cathedral; today, he's hanging out with the Lutherans. According to their site, here's what you'll find at this church: St. Andrew offers diverse worship experiences to touch the spirit and nurture the soul beyond boundaries of age or culture. Not only that, you can get a pancake supper there on Shrove Tuesday! Happy Valentine's Day! Eat some chocolate and... Read more →


I am sitting here watching one of many features about the Olympics before the opening ceremonies get underway and already I am loving it. I have always loved the Olympics. I watched them with my Pop when I was a kid, when my favorite events were the figure skating events. I watched them with Joe in 1980, the year we got married, the year the Miracle Team USA won the gold in hockey and Tai... Read more →


Last night, before I went to bed in the first few minutes after midnight, I checked my email one last time. I found this charming missive in my inbox, from the email address "HITMAN": Lucky You. I am pleased to inform you that we have been paid to assassinate you by your co-worker in your office. want you to listen very carefully about your safety and do not, i repeat, do not try in anyway... Read more →

Church Street: Mt. Carmel United Methodist Church

Right at the top of New Hampshire Avenue at Georgia Avenue, in Sunshine, Maryland is the historic Mount Carmel United Methodist Church. This is another church that -- strictly speaking -- is not on New Hampshire Avenue, but it's close enough. (You can tell that I took this photo a couple of weeks ago; after all, you can see grass! Right now there are over 25 inches of snow on the ground.) From their site,... Read more →