Church Street: Mt. Carmel United Methodist Church

Snowpocalypse II: Keyser Snowse

Here are the top 10 snowfalls in DC history*:

1. January 27-28, 1922 ... 28 inches 

This snowfall resulted in the Knickerbocker Theater disaster, where the weight of the snow collapsed the roof of the Knickerbocker movie palace, killing 98 people. Here is a picture of my Pop, at age 13, posing in the snow outside his house during that storm. You can see how deep it was!


2. February 11-13, 1899 ... 20.5 inches 

3. February 18-19, 1979 ... 18.7 inches

I was visiting friends at their farmhouse that President's Day weekend and we had a blast. Toward midnight I walked out by myself into the storm, about a hundred yards away from the house and just let the snow swirl around me. I was supposed to start a new job the following Tuesday -- nope! I did make it in on Wednesday, though.

4. January 6-8, 1996 ... 17.1 inches

One of the rare times my former company actually closed! Schools were closed for a full week.

5. February 15-18, 2003 ... 16.7 inches

Another President's Day storm! I was supposed to go to Philly to attend the seminar series I managed, but nope. My boss and colleague made it, but we had to cancel the session. I had to call the participants and let them know -- I was calling on President's Day though, so of course no one was at work! I had my fill of voicemail that day.

6. February 11-12, 1983 ...16.6 inches

SonnyeBoy was 2. The first day was lovely; we had hot chocolate, a fire in the fireplace, and a fine day watching the snow fall. Then Joe went to work. And I ran out of coffee and diapers.

7. December 19-20, 2009 ... 16.4 inches (Snowpocalypse)


8. February 15-16, 1958 ... 14.4 inches

I think I remember this one -- another week off school!

9. February 7, 1936 ... 14.4 inches

10. February 16-18, 1900 ... 14.3 inches

Now we are in the midst of a storm that could top all of these. Some forecasts predict 30 inches of snow! There are blizzard warnings up; the snow is pouring out of the sky; everything is closed. I worked at home today, alternating work with sweeping the stoop and keeping our parking spot clear for when Joe got home from work. He got out early, so I didn't have to do too much. I mean, who wants to risk pneumonia? Bronchitis is quite enough!

We just looked at the Weather Channel. The forecast for tomorrow?

Blizzard. Bring it on.

As long as we can get to Verizon Center for Sunday's Caps game!

*According to the Washington Post.