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I Got Nothin'; Go Read Joe

Some of you may remember Joe's rather short-lived blog from a couple of years ago. Well, he's at it again, only now he's contributing to a really great site devoted to stories from those valiant folks who work retail.

The site's called Retail Hell Underground. It's run by a gent named Freeman Hall, who has also written a pretty hilarious book of his adventures as a purse handbag sales associate at "The Big Fancy."

The various entries are pretty eye-opening. I can't believe how rude people can be! Now, I know that there are bad clueless clerks as well, but good grief! Not only are people rude, they're stupid. You'll see what I mean when you read a few of the uniformly well-written posts.

Anyhow, Joe contributes as "Joe the Cigar Store Guy". Go on, scoot over and have a laugh!

Joe as his alter ego, The Cigar Store Guy