She Just Wants To Go Home
One Down, 364 To Go

Welcome to 2010


New Year's Eve is upon, a damp, icy, messy night in my neck of the woods.

I think we will have another quiet evening, watching the Three Stooges marathon and cracking a little champagne at midnight.

I have had rowdier Eves, but I must say that I really do like the quiet ones. Perhaps if I let this year end peacefully, the new year will ease itself in and let me breathe easier.

I've just finished skimming my entries for the past year to refresh my memory. (At my age it needs constant refreshing.) I'm glad I did, for although I found plenty of depressing stuff I also found plenty of good stuff. I guess every year is like that, isn't it?

So let's all raise a glass to each other, give a wink and a nod and a smile, mourn those we've lost and hug those we have, and head into 2010 with open hearts and minds.

Thanks for hanging out with me. Happy New Year!