Merry Christmas
Church Street: Shri Mangal Mandir

So Far, So Good


So far it's been a lovely holiday. I got some some great gifts (the best was having SonnyeBoy home for Christmas), ate some great food, and went to two great hockey games (so far). I did get a bit emotional on Christmas Eve when I visited Mom -- she was in fearful, lonesome mode so I had to divert her. But I was successful and was able to leave her feeling better.

I am amazed at how much the hockey games help me, especially when my Caps win. I can throw off all my cares and worries and just holler and cheer and clap and sing. I just let everything else go and exist right in the moment, watching the action on the ice. Thank you, Caps!

This week I have a lot to do. I have some STC bidniss to attend to, Mom's Medicaid documentation to rustle up, and some flood insurance to buy for the beach house. (We have it; the bank wants us to have MORE!) I'd like to do some cleaning too, but that? Can wait.

I mean, really -- why clean when I can watch Season 1 of both Friday Night Lights and True Blood and read Under the Dome? And, of course, go to another Caps game on Monday night!