Holiday Doggerel
Merry Christmas

Peaceful Eve


It's Christmas Eve. I'm all alone, watching the replay of last night's hockey game. Joe is at work; SonnyeBoy is on his way home (I hope). I went to Target earlier and bought a tiny artificial tree; it's sitting on the coffee table void of ornaments. (I can't find them!)

I feel calm -- a little sad, mostly happy. Content.

In a little while I'll go visit Mom. She got agitated and combative a few days ago, so the doctor put her on Haldol (a pretty strong anti-psychotic drug) to keep her from hurting herself. It has had the desired effect; now everything and everybody is wonderful! The food is delicious; the aides are her best friends. She loves the hospice chaplain and told her so. She tells everyone how much she loves them, strangers and family alike.

Haldol, what have you done with my mother?

I kid. Better this rosy view of the world than the fear she was experiencing. I'll kiss her, stroke her hair, and wish her a Merry Christmas. Then I'll pick up some wee ornaments at CVS to decorate our wee tree, hug on SonnyeBoy, and maybe try a new caramel recipe.

Later on we'll pick Joe up from Retail Hell and head to our traditional Christmas Eve feast at my sister's house. It will be strange to not have Mom there, but we'll celebrate nonetheless.

Merry Christmas to all of you!