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Church Street: St. Andrew

So here I am, about to do an entry about the The Great Diggening of 2009. I was going to include an apology for not having a new Church Street photo because of Snowpocalypse -- I figured I'd get one tomorrow and just have a Monday Church Street. Then I checked my email. Lo and behold, there was a note from the lovely and very talented Cyndy, who writes the Photocynthesis blog (which you should... Read more →


SOS -- that stands for Shitpile of Snow, which is what we are supposed to get over the next 36 hours or so. The forecasters are calling for a minimum (yes, minimum) of 14 inches of the white stuff, so it looks like we will have a White Christmas for the first time in years. Naturally, everyone is stocking up on toilet paper, milk, and bread. We have plenty of each just because we normally... Read more →

Ten Things I Will Do On My Vacation

First, a public service announcement. Eileen gets two pats on the head for correctly completing the poem, but Stephanie gets one pat on the head for correctly identifying the author. The complete poem, by Ogden Nash, is called Reflections on Ice-Breaking, and here it is in its entirety. Candy Is dandy But liquor Is quicker. One more day. One more damn day and I am on vacation for two weeks, two weeks in which I... Read more →

Candy Is Dandy*

Today's Holidailies prompt is "share a favorite recipe that you like to make at this time of year". Well, I've already shared the Best Pumpkin Pie in the Whole Entire World, so instead I'll share a new recipe I've been trying. I say "trying" because I have not yet completely succeeded, I think. This recipe is for Old Fashioned Butterscotch, from that reliable old friend, The Joy of Cooking. It requires the use of a... Read more →

Just A Mood

It seems like nothing has been easy lately. Work projects that should take minutes have taken hours. There's always a problem, a glitch, a hangup. Applications crash or I forget some detail or a mic battery dies. My body simply will not cooperate with me. My shoulder aches and aches and aches, so I take a painkiller and then can't wake up properly. I overdo the caffeine one day and a bad dizzy spell overtakes... Read more →

Go Navy!

I was going through the Blue Steel Box O' Records* looking for info to help me with Mom's Medicaid application when I found my Pop's Navy service record. Pop enlisted in the Navy in February of 1944, when he was 35 years old. World War II was still raging in both Europe and the Pacific. He had previously tried to enlist in the Army, but was turned down because he failed the physical. Question 8... Read more →