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Welcome to 2010

New Year's Eve is upon, a damp, icy, messy night in my neck of the woods. I think we will have another quiet evening, watching the Three Stooges marathon and cracking a little champagne at midnight. I have had rowdier Eves, but I must say that I really do like the quiet ones. Perhaps if I let this year end peacefully, the new year will ease itself in and let me breathe easier. I've just... Read more →

She Just Wants To Go Home

We went to visit Mom this afternoon. When we walked into her room, she was half out of the bed, her legs dangling over the side, her torso curved around as if she were trying to get up. Which is exactly what she was doing. She had pulled the oxygen tube off her head and the wee alarm box that's usually hooked up to her top was nowhere to be seen. As soon as she... Read more →

Ten Things About Physical Therapy

I'm currently in the middle of a physical therapy stint for my achey shoulder. Here are ten things about that. 1. I rather like the arm bike. It looks quite innocuous, but it really warms a person up. 2. On the other hand, I do not like the stretchy bands. 3. Weights are okay. I use two-pound weights for some exercises, three-pound weights for another exercise, and five-pound weights for a third exercise. 4. My... Read more →

Beware, Brother, Beware*

I have been very remiss in not announcing the latest winner of Two Pats On The Head. I have decided, because I get to, that there are two winners: the lovely and talented Green Tuna and the lovely and talented Fredlet both correctly identified "Whatever Lola Wants" as being from the musical Damn Yankees. Green Tuna was first from a blog comment standpoint, but Fredlet replied by email shortly after midnight. So two pats to... Read more →

Church Street: Shri Mangal Mandir

Tucked away off the highway is a Hindu temple, the Shri Mangal Mandir, with its crown of golden flags. I love how it nestles into the surrounding trees and the street lamps frame the walkway up to the door. I also love this excerpt from the description of the Mandir: A Mandir is like a power station that stores electricity and distributes it to public. It stores up divine power and makes it available for... Read more →

So Far, So Good

So far it's been a lovely holiday. I got some some great gifts (the best was having SonnyeBoy home for Christmas), ate some great food, and went to two great hockey games (so far). I did get a bit emotional on Christmas Eve when I visited Mom -- she was in fearful, lonesome mode so I had to divert her. But I was successful and was able to leave her feeling better. I am amazed... Read more →

Peaceful Eve

It's Christmas Eve. I'm all alone, watching the replay of last night's hockey game. Joe is at work; SonnyeBoy is on his way home (I hope). I went to Target earlier and bought a tiny artificial tree; it's sitting on the coffee table void of ornaments. (I can't find them!) I feel calm -- a little sad, mostly happy. Content. In a little while I'll go visit Mom. She got agitated and combative a few... Read more →

Holiday Doggerel

We don't have a tree; we don't have a wreath. We've nothing to put the presents beneath. Life's been hectic and I've been stressed I think I've even been a little depressed. But little by little, the chores get done, The gifts get wrapped and the carols get sung. My spirits are rising as I complete my labors. Best of all, my Capitals beat the Sabres! Read more →

Lola's Christmas Meme

Brought to you by Sunday Stealing, but I saw it here first, via Holidailies. Yay Holidailies! And thank you, Lola, for originating the meme. I don't know Lola, but I'll bet whatever she wants, she gets.* 1. What is your favorite holiday show/animated show? It's a tie between A Christmas Story (You'll shoot your eye out!) and Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas (Fifty dollars! Lotta money!) 2. What holiday character do you think you're most... Read more →