Joe Can Dig It

Church Street: St. Andrew


So here I am, about to do an entry about the The Great Diggening of 2009. I was going to include an apology for not having a new Church Street photo because of Snowpocalypse -- I figured I'd get one tomorrow and just have a Monday Church Street.

Then I checked my email.

Lo and behold, there was a note from the lovely and very talented Cyndy, who writes the Photocynthesis blog (which you should totally follow). She sent me the following wonderful shot of St. Andrew Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral! She told me that I didn't have to tell where I got the photo, but to that I say Oh Hell No! Credit she shall have!

Isn't it gorgeous? I love the golden onion domes. It's quite a contrast to the simple, wooden-domed Ukrainian Catholic Church, isnt it?


So thank you, Cyndy, for this early present. And tomorrow, the Diggening!