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I spent the weekend at the beach with my sister and brother-in-law. We arrived Friday evening, turned up the heat, and went out to dinner while the house warmed up. Saturday we got started. My sister and I cleaned out the cupboards, discarding everything that was out of date and rearranging some dishes into the now-roomy space. We tossed out old Kraft Mac 'n' Cheese dinner, Cup O Noodles, crackers, cookies, instant oatmeal, and so... Read more →

Ten Things About Thanksgiving

Happy Day After Thanksgiving! Here are ten things about our holiday. 1. The holiday got off to a fine start Wednesday night as my Caps beat the Sabres 2-0. Ovie and Fehrsie scored and Varly stopped every shot he faced. Way to go, boys! 2. We spent much of the day in our pajamas. 3. We broke with tradition. Rather than watching Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, we watched the Fred and Ginger marathon on TCM.... Read more →

Strange Questions

The Strange Question Meme, Part 1. Before I get started, I will say that I wondered why this was Part 1. I originally saw this on the lovely and talented Chai's blog, traced it back to the lovely and talented Bitchypoo, and then found it here, and the question was answered. Evidently it was originally a 50-question meme, but the Sunday Stealing folks thought that was too long and broke it in two. For that,... Read more →

Home Again

I'm home! I flew to Dallas Monday morning, by way of Chicago. Yes, yes -- it's bizarre to fly from Baltimore to Dallas by way of Chicago, but due to the weirdness of airline flight times and pricing, that was the best I could do. Joe had to work at the museum that morning, so we went to Greenbelt Metro and I hopped on the direct bus to the airport. Made it just in time!... Read more →

The Days Pass

It is over 70 degrees here, and sunny -- it's almost like Mother Nature is apologizing for drenching us last week. As soon as I finish this post I'm going to sit outside and enjoy it. I went to visit Mom yesterday. I haven't written much about her lately because there hasn't been much to write. Everyone has been so kind to all of us, especially when we thought she was leaving us in September.... Read more →

Kids These Days!

We were riding Metro to the Caps game last night (a 7-4 win over the Panthers -- WOO!) when two teenage guys got on the train. They were in fine fettle, whooping it up and laughing with each other, full thug wannabees with wispy facial hair and supreme confidence. They spread out in the train, sitting apart from each other in separate rows, talking loudly and profanely, making faces at each other in the windows,... Read more →

Ten Good Things

I think, on this day of killing and horror, that I need to think about good things lest the world go dark. So... here are ten good things. 1. I got a promotion. I'm going to manage a team in my group, a team of two (including me) and I get to hire the other one. I'll be in charge of the curriculum for a subject area with which I'm familiar, but not by any... Read more →

So Yeah, Dinner!

My shoulder has gone wonky -- I think it's my rotator cuff, whatever that is. I have a checkup scheduled for next week, so I will definitely get it checked out then. Me and Ovi, both of us suffering with upper-body injuries. We went to a very fun Halloween party Saturday night, at the home of a cigar colleague of Joe's. Good food, friendly people, and some fun costumes. Joe went as a hippie (I... Read more →