Ten Things About Thanksgiving
Why Can't I Think Of The Snappy Comeback When I Need It?


I spent the weekend at the beach with my sister and brother-in-law. We arrived Friday evening, turned up the heat, and went out to dinner while the house warmed up.

Saturday we got started. My sister and I cleaned out the cupboards, discarding everything that was out of date and rearranging some dishes into the now-roomy space. We tossed out old Kraft Mac 'n' Cheese dinner, Cup O Noodles, crackers, cookies, instant oatmeal, and so on and on and on.

We were pleasantly surprised when the oldest thing we tossed had an expiration date of 2006 -- we were betting on 2004 or even earlier.

Just about lunchtime SonnyeBoy and his lovely girlfriend came by with an offer we couldn't refuse -- lunch at a local seafood restaurant and crabhouse, his treat! Well, I ain't saying no to that, for sure. So we all trundled off to pick crabs, peel shrimp, and munch on fried chicken, hush puppies, and fries. Yum yum nom nom nom.

But then -- back to work. My sister cleaned the insides of the windows while I loaded up the dishwasher with tchotchkes and figurines.

Then we cleaned out Mom's old dresser and closet. We came up with a small bag of sweaters that she'll be able to wear, but we also came up with a large bag of clothes to donate. 

Dinner! We tried the Green Turtle, but there was a half-hour wait and they had the Penguins game on. I had no interest in the Penguins game; I had interest in the Capitals game! So we ended up at Bull on the Beach, where we  watched the first period. We watched the rest of the game at home (Yay! A Caps victory in the shootout!) and turned in.

Sunday -- the day of the draining. My brother-in-law got to work, and despite a couple of minor setbacks, he got the water turned off, the pipes drained, and the water heater emptied. As the water heater drained, we took a walk up to the beach to see the ocean. Ida didn't do the beach any favors -- the dune ended abruptly in a ten-foot sand cliff, but at least there was still some beach!


After getting our beach fix, my sister and emptied out the refrigerator and packed up the stuff we were taking home. We then brought the porch furniture inside, locked all the windows, and pulled all the plugs.

Last but not least, we shut off the power and locked the doors.

Bye, OC! See you in the spring!