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Home Again

I'm home!

I flew to Dallas Monday morning, by way of Chicago. Yes, yes -- it's bizarre to fly from Baltimore to Dallas by way of Chicago, but due to the weirdness of airline flight times and pricing, that was the best I could do. Joe had to work at the museum that morning, so we went to Greenbelt Metro and I hopped on the direct bus to the airport. Made it just in time!

I was on a wee jet for the flight to Chicago, which afforded me a stunning view of the city, so I snuck a quick picture.


I didn't have a lot of time between flights, so I grabbed a bagel and cream cheese on my way to the next gate, but then I passed the Garrett's Popcorn stand, and... well, I got a bag of caramel corn.

Come on, it was like an order.

Anyway, I got to Dallas, met up with a couple of colleagues, attended a class that I mostly understood (a good thing, since I'm in charge of the curriculum for the subject), ate a couple of lovely dinners, had a laughing fit with some good people, and slept very poorly both nights, even with the aid of a Vicodin. It wasn't the bed -- the bed was really, really comfy. It was just -- well, I just don't sleep well in hotels for some reason.

So I was pretty exhausted when I finally got home late last night. I crawled into bed and slept the best sleep I've slept for weeks. Eight hours of sleep really makes a difference!