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Kids These Days!

Ten Good Things

I think, on this day of killing and horror, that I need to think about good things lest the world go dark.

So... here are ten good things.

1. I got a promotion. I'm going to manage a team in my group, a team of two (including me) and I get to hire the other one.  I'll be in charge of the curriculum for a subject area with which I'm familiar, but not by any means expert. A promotion is good!

2. But that's okay, because it means I get to learn new stuff! Learning is good!

3. Also, this promotion included a raise -- a petite raise, to be sure, but a raise is a raise is a raise and it is good!

4. Mom continues to hold her own. The hospice social worker visited her the other day and reported that she was "perky." Normally I am not a fan of the perky, but in this case perky is good!

5. I am not irrevocably behind in my word count for Nanowrimo. I will catch up this weekend, and that is good!

6. Taking public transportation means that I am walking more. Walking is good, too.

7. No cavities! Good!

8. The weekend is supposed to be warmer, and sunny. So good.

9. The Office and 30 Rock were so, so funny this week. I laughed a lot. Laughing is good, good, good.

10. It's Friday, and that is good.

Hope your life is full of good too!