Ten Good Things

So Yeah, Dinner!

My shoulder has gone wonky -- I think it's my rotator cuff, whatever that is. I have a checkup scheduled for next week, so I will definitely get it checked out then.

Me and Ovi, both of us suffering with upper-body injuries.

We went to a very fun Halloween party Saturday night, at the home of a cigar colleague of Joe's. Good food, friendly people, and some fun costumes. Joe went as a hippie (I know, a stretch!) by wearing his wig hat -- a baseball cap with built-in long hair. I went as a hockey fan.

Yeah, our imaginations were running wild that night!

And, oh hey! On Sunday we went to the Caps game (alas, an overtime loss) and won -- dum dum dum -- a one-topping pizza! How is such a thing possible? I hear you cry.

Well, during the breaks in the action, there are these swell games to keep the crowd engaged. There's the usual Smile Cam, Dance Cam, and Kiss Cam; the Move of the Game and the Fan of the Game, but one of the more energetic games is Capitals Roulette, where -- damn, it's hard to describe -- the illuminated strip that goes around the upper level is animated to be a sort of roulette wheel. (That's clear as mud, I know. Trust me, okay?) The section that hollers the loudest wins, and our section won! Each of us got a coupon for a free Papa John's pizza.

So -- two pizzas for us! Woo!